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Hedgie Hates Banner: 466px wide

Angry Cuddles*
Awkward Zombie
Cyanide and Happiness
Depressed Alien
Failure to Fire (NSFW)(Completed)
That Deaf Guy
The Devil’s Panties
Girls With Slingshots
Head Trip
Johnny Wander
Mahou  Shounen Fight!
Something Positive
Starfighter (NSFW)
Sure to be Banned
Tasty Flesh (NSFW)
The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal (NSFW)
Three Panel Soul
Two Lumps
VG Cats
Wapsi Square

Hedgehog Related Links
Hedgehog Central
Hedgehog World

Useful Stuff:
Blambot Fonts

Other Artists & Friends I Like Lots!
Maya Kern
Guillermo Casas (tumblr, flickr, instagram)*
Missy Pena

*Added on 10/02/2015


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