Until I get some actual questions concerning the comic or other things, I picked a few things I figured I’d get asked anyway…

Q: Do you really own a hedgehog?
A: *considers being sarcastic and decides against it* Yes I actually own a hedgehog. We currently share a cluttered two- bedroom apartment together. And yes she hates it because she’s a hedgehog.

Q: What’s your hedghog’s real name? A.K.A – Omg did you name it Sonic?? (Latter asked when I mention I have a pet hedgie)
A: I did not name my hedgehog ‘Sonic’. I have nothing against Sony but I decided to be more original and name her “H.C. Boo” which stands for “Here Catch Boo!” *faux motion of tossing critter* Because I have the humor of a witty five year old.

Q: Do you really draw all of this?
A: No. At night before I go to bed I spread crumpled cheetos across a sketch pad and pencil. Then when I’ve gone to sleep the art gnome-faries (Yes, gnome-faries, strange cross-breed that they are) crawl out from portals found only at the first bend of the toilet in southwest Texas. They’re immesenly attracted to artifical cheese and in exchange for my generous offering, they spread lovely things across the fine (or lined…whatever’s available) paper with their tiny black tongues as they consume the carb-filled snack. When I wake in the morning I find their lovely work and being the scoundrel that I am, scan and name it for my own.

Now if you believe that story, then I’ve got some ocean front property to sell you in lovely New Mexico….(sarcasm disengaged again)

Q: What tools do you use to put together the art for Hedgie Hates?
A: For sketching: paper, mechanical pencil, and prefer Faber-Castell pens (M or B) for inking and a click eraser to clean it up manually. I’m trying to start using non-photo blue pencils for sketching, but I’m likely to use the first thing in arm’s reach when I’ve got an idea and worry on the editing later (I’ve got bad habits and I’m impatient as well as forgetful). I upload the doodles on my computer via a normal printer/scanner and edit things in Adobe photoshop or Fireworks MX using either a common laser mouse or my graphite wacom (depends entirely if I’ve misplaced the pen again or not). When I’m on the go and don’t have a doodle pad, then I usually have my phone and use the free Adobe Ideas app.

A: Well if you’re a guy, I hope you’re a seahorse, otherwise this might be a bit awkward for you…..and if you are a seahorse, then it’s going to be awkward for me…

Content unless specifically noted otherwise is (c) K.R. ‘Shark’ Mascharka 2014, all other items are referred to in parody.


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