Name –  K.R. “Shark” Mascharka (because most can’t say my last name, just call me Shark)
Tools – 0.5 mechanical pencil, stick eraser, Pittman markers (usually) and then a computer art program, as well as a certain amount of swearing at inanimate objects and consumption of adult beverages.

The Hedgehog:
Name –  H.C. Boo (Here Catch Boo!….yes my ‘Mum’ has the wit/humor of a 5yr old)
Nicknames – Boo, Hedgie Boo, Hate-Hog, and “Ow shit, fucking quit it!”
Breed –  African Pygmy Hedgehog (albino, female)

Behind the idea:
Artist: I had a pet cat that eventually had to be euthanized due thyroid problems. I was lonely and in need of a pet, but emotionally unready to adopt another cat as well as lacking proper space for a dog. I didn’t want a hamster due to being scarred by inbred ones as a youth. I don’t see fish as pets. Snakes freak me out. Add on to that, my often transit lifestyle was ill-conducive to many other pets and living in an apartment makes me overly conscious of having active chewers present in my living space. After much time on the internet I finally settled on getting a hedgehog. But being of the goth persuasion left me unwanting of the simple ‘normal’ hedgehog coloring – I wanted to seek out an albino one to feel more comfortable with my own strangeness. A trip to a few pet stores and a breeder, then finally I was on my way home with a small, prickly little mass of flesh.

My friends soon met the new pet – H.C. Boo and were just as delighted with her as I was. It soon became a jest among me and my friends of how she huffed and reacted to new things and sudden movements – strange new things of which to display her displeasure and hate……a fellow artist friend (you know who you are asshole ❤ ) said how hilarious it would be to put this delightfully cute hate into comic and thus an idea was born. Ta-Da~! And now you see it for yourself.


All content unless specifically noted otherwise is (c) K.R. ‘Shark’ Mascharka 2014, all other items are referred to in parody.


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